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Day 5 for Inktober! Vileplume!
:D I’m a little behind but I’m trying to follow the pokemon challenge from Jinny Hinkle!
The list if you wanna join in!
A random Pokemon and random word drawing :3

Short film for school

The story was meant to be longer, but had to cut it in half

2D character animation

Have a person put on rain-boots and a rain coat

Another character animation in 3D

Had to have a type of character swing and hit a high striker. :3 it was very interesting to play an angry person.

3D animation Project #4 Dialogue Test

Project had to have 2 people acting to a piece of dialogue. This one my far was my favorite :3

Animal studies from school

Some old sketches :D

Some drawing ideas from this site:

Summer challengers w/ friends :3

1. Cat vs dogs

2. Giraffe bounty hunter

3. Stuffed animal vs claw machine